Practice Areas

Criminal Defense


Accused of a crime?  Paul Dell has the experience, knowledge, connections, smarts and tenacity to step in and represent you - whether you’re about to go to trial, or whether you have just learned that a Detective is looking for you for questioning. 


Paul Dell has been conducting trials and suppression hearings for over 20 years.  He probably is  more than (or just as) experienced as that Detective who wants to talk to you, or that Assistant District Attorney who is prosecuting your case.  It is likely that he has handled dozens, if not hundreds, of cases in front of that Judge who is going to set your bail or determine your sentence.  You don’t want an attorney who is simply going to tell you how the Prosecutor and Judge want to resolve the case.  You want zealous representation - whether you plead guilty or go to trial.  Your attorney DOES make a difference.  Paul Dell will make sure that you understand what is going on.  He will investigate your case, and he will help you knowingly decide how to proceed.


With DNA analysis, the presence of more and more video surveillance cameras, and cell phone tower tracking technology, Criminal Defense has changed drastically over the past 10 years.  It is more important than ever to retain an attorney before agreeing to talk to law enforcement.



Personal Injury


Paul Dell now spends almost all of this time focusing on Criminal Defense, but he does have the experience and connections to talk to you about your other legal needs, especially Personal Injury. He has worked closely for many years with attorneys who devote their practice to specific types of personal injury cases.  He will refer you to an experienced attorney and will work with that attorney to get the result that you deserve.